Team Farang is an ensemble of some of the best and most recognized names in
Freerunning from around the world including Germany, Australia and Thailand. They
are not only know for their skill as freerunners but also for pushing the envelope for
self produced Freerunning content online. It’s members include…

Jason Paul, originating from Frankfurt, is the most accomplished competitive
freerunner in the world. He is the only one to have won the title of World Champion 3
times. He is also 1 of only two fully sponsored Red Bull athletes for Freeruning.

Shaun Wood is an Australian freerunner of the highest level. Also active on the
competitive circuit, Shaun is best known in the international community for his
freerunning video production, having created some of the most remembered videos to
come out of Freerunning in recent years.

Anan Anwar, although a recognized member of Team Farang, is most notably known
as a singer/actor in Thailand, sporting a career in the entertainment that stretches over
10 years with multiple album releases and film and television credits.

There goalĀ is not only to improve the quality and consistency of freerunning
content through there channel, but also create more cross cultural
bridges to allow freerunning to be seen not only as a sporting
activity, but an artistic and creative outlet, with clear associations
with pop culture, music, film, and fashion. We wish to create a
feeling and attitude about freerunning that can be identified even
without seeing the action, like a b-boy can be recognized simply
from the clothes he wears, or the music he listens to. Its a sense of
identity. An adopted lifestyle. A freerunners lifestyle.