photo by  ediphotoeye

photo by ediphotoeye

Welcome to a normal day of shooting for Pasha’s video. If you haven’t seen the full video yet, you better get your priorities straight, click here to wach it NOW!

A lot of times people think we have a film- & editing-crew behind us, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you hang out with us for a shoot it’s just a few friends with a camera and while that seems a little innocent at first we take whatever we do dead-serious in a sense of learning something new every day. Just as people would see Freerunners as just some kids jumping around, while they are a lot more ambitious and passionate than you can tell at first sight.

We were lucky to have our good friend Thomas Garner around for the day to keep a second camera rolling.

Jackie Chan Parkour Freerunning Farang

If you’re into Film-Making we strongly recommend subscribing to Every Frame a Painting, where he analyses the greats of the Movie Business.

In this Episode he talks about Jackie Chan and breaks down what makes him the Master of Action-Comedy. A lot of things are similar to Freerunning, especially the sense of rhythm you see the likes of Pasha and Bart van der Linden put into their choreography and of course shooting many takes, until you get it just perfect.


When CP – local Freerunner from Singapore – send out invites for the first ever National Gathering in his hometown he could’ve never known how positive the response was. When we rocked up one day fashionably late we spend at least an hour just shaking hands with old friends and soon-to-be new ones.

Lion City Gathering Singapore Parkour Freerunning Jason paul

Among the 60 international guests was our whole Farang Crew, Storror, a gang of Malaysians, the  Chinese Posse all decked out in Red Bull Gear and what seemed to be Bondi Beach Surf Club at first, but turned out to be long-haired Australian Freerunners. 

Parkour Lion City Gathering  Freerunning Farang Singapore Australia

The Bondai Beach Freerunning Club

Singapore has some of the best Parkour-Spots we’ve seen, literally the whole city has an abundance of conveniently placed rails, walls and ledges. The downside you ask? Some of the strictest laws and police we’ve ever seen. Apparently the Police spotted the Event on Facebook and rocked up to the spots before we even arrived, keeping a close eye on our activities. So far so good, nobody got kicked out, we had great time jamming out with hundreds of people and the officers let us be.

Turns out they are not as pleasant if you walk up onto the rooftops of the many apartment blocks. No argument or reasoning allowed, you have to go into custody for the night. A few Freerunners had to learn this the hard-way and about 4 separate arrests gave a bunch of locals and visitors the opportunity of a free night in jail.

Lion City Gathering Pasha Petkuns The Boss Parkour Freerunning

Stories were made and it all was a good laugh afterwards! The whole Jam was an amazing experience, with the locals showing us their favourite areas and getting everybody free gym access for the evenings. Literally 3 days of constant motion and sleep on hard floors put as back on a plane to Bangkok with scuffed up clothes and a smile on our face. Singapore – Lion City Gathering 2015 –  was real as fuck and we can’t wait to be back next year!

Lion City Gathering Parkour ferrying Gym Singapore Pasha Petkuns The Boss

late night session at one of the local gyms

Massive Thank you to CP for the whole organisation, Jonathan for turning Shaun into a walking WiFi-Hotspot, Wellington Wu for letting us crash at your gym and everybody who showed up to the event!

Watch the event video here!


18-years old Mike Brodie embarked on an adventure and spent the 5 years to follow ilegally hopping on and off of trains around the US. Without any photography education he took his camera and just kept on shooting, documenting this alternative lifestyle.


The candid images he created are an amazing window into a world we only thought existed a few centuries ago and evokes a wanderlust-feeling.


After publishing his photos and getting an outstanding response from the art world, publishing a book and touring through galleries he decided to leave photography behind and now works as a mobile diesel-mechanic in his ’93 dodge-ram.

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