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Dream Spots – Red City in Munich

27 Nov

The Red City in Munich is an amazing spot and I just had to make a post about it, since this video dropped.

Back when the Olympics where held in Germany, this structure was built into the olympic village with no real purpose.
Since the general public has access to the area it’s mainly being used for Graffiti and Freerunning.

It’s hard to imagine the infinite moves and combinations you can come up and the time you can spend enjoying this spot, plus the ground is rather soft aswell.



The grip on the walls changes with every new graffiti which gives you a nice extra challenge.


So anyway, check the video. Most of the other spots you can see in it are in close walking distance to the red city.
The Olympic  village is a fucking dream for EVERY Freerunner, so what are you waiting for!?

Some of the Usual

25 Nov

Silver & Light

24 Nov

This beautiful little doco follows Ian Ruther who felt that Digital photography took what he loved from taking photos.
So he took his life savings and transformed a van into the worlds largest camera.

Every photo he takes costs him 500$ and currently he is travelling through the US, looking for places and people to shoot.

Bartje 2012 Trailer

23 Nov

We met Bart on our X-Tour when we stopped in Amsterdam and
had a sick day training with him.
Just now he released the most fucked trailer a video ever had.
Can’t wait to see the tricks he lands haha

Ellie Goulding – Figure 8

22 Nov

Tim Shieff just appeared as Lead Male in some chicks music video.
The track is dope and after you get used to Tim not doing Handstands it’s a fun watch.
Check it out:

VICE: How to Sell Drugs

20 Nov

If you never watched VICE documentary’s I recommend to check their channel out right now.

They easily make some of the most interesting and unique content out there.
In this one they follow a New York drug dealer, who sells every drug you can imagine and
makes upwards of 60,000$ a week.

“Ever wonder how to sell $100,000 worth of drugs in a week? We learned the secrets of a drug dealer in NYC – a man who will deliver any substance you want, 24/7.
He told us everything – from where he gets his drugs to how his crew operates. Come with us as we take a rare look into the dangerous life of a NYC drug delivery-man”

Lushlife – Magnolia

19 Nov

I just found this beautiful music video.
It shows how far you can go with just a simple idea, if you execute it well :)

Crash Tour India

17 Nov

The americans travelled to India for some performances and
filmed this little piece. Some really nice shots,
good movement and a general good vibe around this whole trip :)

13th Witness

15 Nov

Hypebeast just released this small doco on I AM OTHER.
They Interview street photographer Tim McGurr aka 13thWitness.
I digged around and made a selection of his work.

Check it out :)

BMX 16ft Full Pipe Loop – Red Bull Full Circle

11 Nov


Red Bull just released this dope video.
It follows a few BMX-riders hitting up a sick full pipe in Wyoming.