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Dream Spots are few and far between, you have to hunt them down, travel great distances and face multiple challenges, most of the time. This one time we found one literally in the backyard of our homebase.



BangSaen Beach is an hour south of Bangkok and as part of a government project they erected a labyrinth with confusing angles and dimensions, no corner looks the same and multiple times you’ll get lost and confused trying to find your way around. The whole thing was meant to be a children’s playground, but it also happens to be every Freerunners wet dream.


Why are we so in love with this place? Let me tell you that not just does the red labyrinth obviously contain jumps for centuries, there’s a bathroom and store for drinks right next to it. The immediate area also has a playground for rail-pres and slanted kickers with a beautiful view, right there you will also find a pier stretching out into the ocean with a beautiful view, which also offers different levels into soft sand for flips.


Alright, there you go. This is our number one day-trip for Freerunning if you happen to be in Bangkok!
Find the location on the map below and enjoy!


Airwipp_Apparel_Lookbook_Parkour_Freerunning_Clothing_Sweden_howdotheswedesgetdemgurlswithcurlsAirwipp – Number1 Freerunning-Team from Sweden – has released a few pieces here and there growing their local cult following. Being in the game for years we know one thing about Airwipp: When they decide to do something they do it big and they do some quality work.

They’ve proven that with their big gym opening a few years ago and now with their custom tailored clothing line. Their new designs are about being you and being comfortable in your skin, representing a big part of the Freerunning culture, which never limits what you can or can’t do.

Check out the Lookbook, featuring Freerunner Marcus Gustafsson, below and click any of the images to head straight to their store.


Airwipp_Apparel_Lookbook_Parkour_Freerunning_Clothing_Sweden_Marcus_gustafsson Airwipp_Apparel_Lookbook_Parkour_Freerunning_Clothing_Sweden_Girl Airwipp_Apparel_Lookbook_Parkour_Freerunning_Clothing_Sweden_sexy_Marcus

A week ago Banksy made a satirical promotion video for the state of Gaza and just got a response by the local Parkour Team “Parkour Gaza”, which is making the headline on the Guardian. PK Gaza agrees with Banksy and shows them their side of the un-acceptable situation for the people of Gaza.

Street Art in Gaza by Banksy

We want to send all our best wishes out to Gaza, stay strong and we do hope to visit and train together one day!

Watch the locals response video here:

click here to watch the original Banksy edit!

Screen cap of Sixty With Kelan shot by Visive Productions

Giles Campbell of Visive Productions just started his new video-series called “Sixty With” whoever he wants to feature for 60 seconds. In episode one he shot with Kelan Ryan from his local neighbourhood.

Kelan blew us away with some really strong moves, long lines and difficult combos. I’ve rarely seen people bust out 360-fronts this effortless, especially not at age 15!

Jason Paul wearing Farang Massive Logo T-Shirt

Most of the time we enjoy putting out a new product instead of running what worked again and again, but sometimes we make an exception. The Massive Logo Tee is was one of those, because of how many people liked it, but could never get their hands on one.

Wanting the logo to literally be wrapped around the whole body we designed a custom cut for this piece only, with the T-Shirt stitched together on the back over the spine.

Click here to get them while you can! :)


photo by  ediphotoeye

photo by ediphotoeye

Welcome to a normal day of shooting for Pasha’s video. If you haven’t seen the full video yet, you better get your priorities straight, click here to wach it NOW!

A lot of times people think we have a film- & editing-crew behind us, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you hang out with us for a shoot it’s just a few friends with a camera and while that seems a little innocent at first we take whatever we do dead-serious in a sense of learning something new every day. Just as people would see Freerunners as just some kids jumping around, while they are a lot more ambitious and passionate than you can tell at first sight.

We were lucky to have our good friend Thomas Garner around for the day to keep a second camera rolling.