Brick Mansions – Trailer

13 Feb

brick mansions

Rumours about a “Banlieue 13″ remake featuring David Belle, RZA and Paul Walker have been going around for a while now and today the Trailer was released.

To anybody who watched the Luc Besson original it might seem hilarious to how similiar Brick Mansions looks, but that’s what Hollywood does.

We met Paul Walker’s death three months ago with great dismay, looking back at the joy he brought the world with his movies.

Brick Mansions is the last movie he ever completed and given the nature of the situation a big hype around his last piece of work is to be expected.


Looking back at the Yamakasi movies, the original Banlieue 13 and big TV pieces such as Jump London we know that it sparks general interest into Freerunning and drives a lot of new people into the sport.

We are excited to see how the movie is going to have an impact on our sport, even though it has a bitter after-taste.


Fabiano Rodrigues – Skateboarding Photography

9 Feb


Fabiano Rodrigues originated as a ProSkateboarder and thus started out in front of the lens before he started to get behind it and take his own pictures.

His images are beautiful compositions consisting of skateboarding, architecture and light. We are blown away by his work and wanted to show us a selection of our favorites and if you feel like seeing more you can check out Fabiano’s tumblr.tumblr_mqvc7jBd901ryvyi3o1_1280















Schnee Running

7 Feb


Our friend and outstanding filmmaker Sebastian Linda was out skating with some friends when the group stopped their activities in awe to watch some children explore a playground. Those kids were Freerunners, no older than 13, and inspired Sebastian to say hello and ask if they would want to shoot a video.


The result is just beautiful, the snow and the kids performance makes image we’ve never seen before.

The name of the video? Schnee Running is a play on words, Schnee is the german word for Snow.

If you want to know more about the background-story you can look at the MakingOf here.

Time Chase – Animation meets Skateboarding

3 Feb


Carhartt and KingPin magazine teamed up for this edit, in which they send their Skateboarders out to ride all around Europe. Later on the black and white footage was handed to artist Vincent Guilermin, who filled it in with some really sneaky animations.

The whole piece is very well made and worth a watch!

DropKicks and RoofTricks

30 Jan

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.09.51 AM

Being on a rooftop is a very special feeling, looking into the distance and watching people in the streets going by their day to day lives gives you this deep urge.

An urge we all now, the longing feeling to dropkick some motherfucker!
Our new video is dedicated to this feeling!

Special Thanks to the wonderful Ardinast Brothers for making this video possible!

Nude Playmates skate the bowl better than you!

26 Jan


There’s enough proof  that we suck at Skateboarding in this video.

Which means we are even more impressed with the legit skate-skills these playmates bring to the park. Enjoy!


If you want to know more about the girl owning the bowl in the last section, we found an interview with her on Jenkem-Mag.

Freerunning Fashion Documentary – Trailer

24 Jan


With the recent and on-going rise of self made fashion brands within the parkour community, UK-based Normlbrand is taking a look into what the motivations for these brands are and where the people themselves see it going in the future.

They will also be drawing a comparison to the influence skateboarding had upon streetwear fashion to get a glimpse of the influence our culture may have in years to come.

Power Through Portrait

23 Jan



Photographer Platon travels the world taking portraits. Portraits of power and he also empowers through his portraits. Taking the photo of the likes of Obama and Putin, while also traveling to the riots in egypt, portraying the faces of the masses.

In this incredible talk he reveals some amazing stories and talks about what photography and the power of technology means to him.

Some of the Usual

23 Jan

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Zen Shimada – Run

21 Jan

zenZen Shimada is rarely seen, but every move he does is just beautiful and staying true to the deep roots of design and style in japanes culture he’s always dressed in some dope clothes.


This video shows him playing around in the rain and his strong tricking influence, we are definitely feeling the black and white vibes and the beat, more please!