Singapore is still one of many unhidden gems in the Freerunning world. Not many people know that this little island in Sout East Asia is a Freerunning-Paradise with some of the best spots we’ve ever seen. When local CP told us about the jam he was planning we decided to go before he had finished his sentence.


Team Jestion after having sex with this spot.

Current news is that also the whole Storror team is part of the 50 international guests to be joining the 3-day event on the first weekend (6.-8.) of February 2015! Click here for detailed information, we are excited to see you all soon!


High-End Menswear Designer Boris Bidjan Saberi – T-Shirts start form 200$ – seems to have grown a liking for Freerunning. That’s what his latest Cookbook-Video and the Promo for his Reebok InstaPump suggest. Being known for his references to hiphop and street-culture he says he likes “that sense of determination. Kids who fuck around on the street and then say, “Hey, let’s build something!” I want you to be a little skater, a little hip-hop, a little provoking street fighter.”


11-by-boris-bidjan-saberi-2015-spring-summer-campaign-5We can definitely see that happening in Freerunning culture right now and think it’s interesting how the image Freerunners create for themselves is slowly expanding outside of our community.

Read the full conversation with Boris here and check out the videos below.



Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 18.25.10

When we first started Freerunning there was no such thing as Pro-Freerunners that made a living  from this and with a combination of lots of effort and a touch of good luck some of us are now in a position where Freerunning pays the bills. Sometimes it’s more about surviving then making a living though.

We can see how a lot of young and up-coming Freerunners today aspire to do the same and seeing the spark in their eyes excites us! Truth is not everybody is going to make that dream a reality and even if, not be a Pro forever.

That’s not sad, it’s just the way it is and this video – even though it’s about Skateboarding – beautifully illustrates how “as long as you can be passionate about something that’s the most important thing. Because if you can be passionate about one thing you can be passionate about another.

Because what’s most important about Freerunning is not the tricks or your biggest jump, it’s about what you learn about yourself and the person it makes you. If you can transfer that excitement to a craft you can be happy doing many things.

Most of the times architects do a pretty good job at accidentally building Freerunning-Spots and sometimes nature does a better job. Over the centuries a river in Brazil has slowly carved these rocks into a formation resembling the moon, hence the name “Valley of the Moon”.


Looking at all the different angles, ledges and slides the photos definitely classify as hardcore Freerunning-Porn with the dive into one of the pools being the grand final orgasm. Whoever sex is the best never tried Freerunning, we can’t wait to check this spot out!

stone-Vale-Da-Lua-place-for-refreshing valedelua10valedelua8



Polish photographer Tomas Gudzowaty shoots people and sports that are out of the ordinary, ranging from Illegal Drift-Races in Mexico, across shipyards in India and all the way to Freerunning. The photos he created with Daer Sanchez, Pedro Thomas, Ashley Holland and Chima Akuenza back then had definitely left an impression on the Freerunning world, at least that’s what I thought when shooting some photos with Shaun the other day.


Exploring Bangkok we came across an abandoned car and instantly Shaun said “Sick, let’s take our version of that Pedro Thomas shot! You know the one of him speed vaulting the car” and I had come to the same conclusion before he even started talking. We both had a laugh, got our photos and looked up those photos back at home a few hours later.

Below you can find everything we could find from that set, but we highly recommend checking out Tomasz Website for all his work! Click here!


Tomasz-Gudzowaty-free-running-2 tomaszgudzowatyfreerunning_skate tomaszgudzowatyfreerunning_martial 020-tomasz-gudzowaty-theredlist tomaszgudzowatyfreerunning_break-dancer Tomasz-Gudzowaty-free-running-10 Tomasz-Gudzowaty-free-running-3 Tomasz-Gudzowaty-free-running-7

Click here to view more of Gudzowaty’s work!

7bca4b_4779eae2519745bfb53149f2420ab486.jpg_srz_1127_751_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIf you’ll title Triko Wallace as an artist, he’ll probably tell you no way, start a dialogue about how we’re all artists from child’s age on and how he just expresses himself in different ways from drawings to movement.

Before you know what happens you’ll find yourself in a rooftop-apartment with a bowl of soup and Klösse – austrian  dumplings – between a bunch of Freerunners, jamming on their guitars and exchanging stories. After an hour of playing board-games with rules they completely made up – all built around the principle of earning respect and with the goal to win as many awkward double-highfives as possible – you’ll wonder where the time went and pass out on their couch.


I met Triko as a Freerunner years ago, where he  helped organising the early Art Of Motions in Vienna, and it was a pleasure watch him express his happy mind in all sorts of ways and lately his drawing skills have impressed us all, leading to people offering to buy his work and ultimately his new website where all profit goes to charity so he can “financially help people in need – but also make awareness of the fact that “art”  should literally help create a better world.”
Click here to view his website!